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Tile Cleaning Products Are The Best Tile Cleaning Solution

Tile flooring is a famous option for a variety of reasons but is best known for easy maintenance. Another best feature is that stains, dirt, or liquids that come into contact with it will sit on top of it and tile flooring will not be absorbed. One can easily mop or wipe that dirt from the tile floor. Tiles become dull and dirty with time, necessitating the use of a professional remedy. However, any DIY treatment might injure the floor, thus to avoid such situations, a professional offers a fantastic solution: Tile cleaning products are also known as Bonastre orbipads. It’s used for cleaning and polishing tile floors. It comes in a variety of sizes and is simple to clean. The best attribute of this pad is that it does not harm the tile floor.

Bonastre Melamine pads are ideal for everyday hard surface cleaning and maintenance. Great for porous surfaces like ceramic. marble, clay tile, concrete. epoxy floors. resin floors and more.


Different sizes and shapes are available for all kinds of uses: mops. Corners and pads (for floor machines. scrubbers and orbital equipment). In many cases. There's no need to add chemicals, only water, but in some cases adding an alkaline detergent or degreaser will help you save time.The 100% Pressed Melamine Orbipads are used on any type of floor. These pads work as an eraser on the floors removing the dirt, dust, and scratches as they go along. Tile cleaning pads are used in standard tiles without the scare of damaging or breaking the tiles.Unlike other cleaning products in the market, this pad is curated for a cure. As other products do not care for causing cracks to the tiled floors, but the orbipads are trustworthy. This pad makes the floors more durable and Eco-friendlier.

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Some Of The Benefits Of Tile Cleaning Products Are

It does not harm tiles- To acquire the required shine on your floor, simply use this pad with water. Your floor will shine without any effort, and it will not harm the tiles.

It extends the life of the tiles- Yes, you read that correctly. The life of tiles can be extended by cleaning them with this soft melamine pad. Simply dampen this pad with water and roll it across the floor to achieve the desired shine.

Safe for health- Chemicals are commonly used to clean tiles, which are hazardous to one's health. Cleaning products include volatile organic molecules that are hazardous & lead to several health prone diseases. On the other hand, using these tile cleaning pads and soft pads has no such side effects.

It cleans with the only use of water- As these pads need lubrication to give the desired result by removing dirt, dust & grime one can use this with water that restores your tile in mind condition.

Concrete Polishing Pads For Excellent Results In Concrete Floor

These orbipads are also ideal for concrete polishing. The same logic works here as well, the orbipads work like an eraser on the floors removing the dirt and scratches. These concrete polishing pads come in different sizes as mentioned above. The Orbimops can be attached to a standard mop and used as DIY at home as well. So can the Orbisponge which comes in easy-to-grab palm size. It's used as a DIY for smaller spaces like the kitchen slab, the toilets, the washbasin, etc.

Some of the orbipad require a floor scrubbing machine to do the trick.

This polishing pad technique involves grinding, honing, and polishing a concrete floor to achieve a mirror shine. Use of this pad on concrete floors removes scratches & polished to obtain a smooth, glossy finish. Because the same pads can be used on concrete surfaces, it's only natural to utilize them. Concrete pores are not visible with naked eyes when you look at them. with the passing time in those pores, dirt & dust are accumulated which make the floor look dull. The purpose of the concrete polishing pads is to scratch the concrete's surface, resulting in duvets that allow light to bounce off of it.


These divets will take in a polished look by reflecting light in a more appropriate manner rather than all over the place. The nicest part about these pads is that they can be used to clean even the dirtiest of floors. When you have an old concrete floor that has been used for years with no upkeep, filth, and grime will be embedded in the flooring. Furthermore, you may be working with grease, solvents, and who knows what else. However, with the help of this fantastic pad, one may achieve a clean and gleaming floor. The Pad is one of the most inventive and consistent pads on the market. It has repeatedly demonstrated its capacity to provide an outstanding finish to the polishing process, as it is typically employed in finer grits to complete projects. This pad has given us great confidence in knowing that it can outperform all other pads of its kind. To achieve a similar effect on other floors, use a diamond polishing pad.

Its operating mechanism is the best component of the pad. Therefore, comparing quality to price is unreasonable. However, some highly expensive stone polishing pads would be useless on concrete because concrete isn't the same as the other floor as this Orbipads are affordable. On the other hand, concrete polishing pads are inexpensive and ideal for everyday use.

Melamine Pads


  • Best cleaning results, less durability.
  • 100% pressed melamine.
  • Ideal for ceramic, marble, clay tile, painted surfaces.
  • To be used with lighter equipment on smooth floors. not recommended for rough surfaces.
  • To be used with floor polishers and floor scrubbers.
  • Test to determine its durability.
  • Not recommended for slippery floors.
  • Soak pad with water before using.
Melamine Pads


  • Most popular melamine pad, perfect balance between cleaning power and durability.
  • Ideal for porcelain, ceramic, stone, marble, epoxy, concrete and porous surfaces.
  • To be used with floor polishers and floor scrubbers.
  • Requires a very small amount of water during the cleaning process.
  • May use an alkaline cleaner or degreaser to achieve even more amazing results.
Melamine Pads


  • Highest durability for large areas or rough surfaces.
  • Ideal for porcelain, ceramic, stone, marble, epoxy, concrete and porous surfaces.
  • To be used with floor polishers and floor scrubbers.
  • Requires a very small amount of water during thecleaning process.
  • May use an alkaline cleaner or degreaser to achieve even more amazing results.



Similar to an eraser is a mechanical cleaning process. The friction caused by the melamine pads release the dirt and fifth from the microporous surface, without damaging it. Not all the surfaces are the same. Bonastre is the only brand with 3 different melamine strengths to cover all of them. For example, if we use SOFT MEL C in a rough and anti-slippery floor, the durability of the pad will be very short, so in this case, using a medium or hard pad will last longer.



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