Who We Are

Welcome to Floor Care Co.

Welcome to the Floor Care Co.

Floor Care Co, The Maids, and Manmachine Solutions initially grew from a simple idea – to present a cleaner environment and superior, long-lasting floor cleaning results than offered with outdated floor cleaning methods. Changing from old-fashioned floor cleaning methods to modern is easy. The floorcare pads come in all sizes and will fit mostly all the housework machines available in the market, meaning no need to invest in new machines.

With floor care products, all you need is water, which makes the cleaning process safer and simpler for the user. In the product section, you can find the different floor cleaning products with a spec sheetWe believe in quality products and it is our responsibility to provide the information and facts essential for you to make a perfect choice. We have the experience to help you the best solutions for your business requirements.

Floorcare products that will help you get the results you want in the most efficient way possible. Optimized for continuous daily cleaning with floorcare pads. The life span of the Bonastre pad is also more than double that of the outdated floor cleaning pad, which means superior output and extra savings.


Whether you have heavily damaged concrete or marble floors or you want to achieve a highly reflective, high-gloss surface with ease, the floorcare products are right for you. We are excited to have the polishing pads and other products for you so you can renew and maintain your floors and other surfaces. These pads are designed to fit on your drill and are perfect for polishing small and difficult-to-reach areas, including steps, countertops, bars, and even walls made of marble and stone.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Achieve a mirror-like finish in only a few steps
  • Use on any floor without causing damage
  • Can be used on all types of floor polishers
  • Customize your finish from low-gloss to high gloss finish
  • Quality Products
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Prompt Service
  • International Brand

Superior Floor Care for Any Floor Type

The floor is the very first thing that anyone notices when they enter through the door. The condition of the floor reflects you and your personality. From cleaning, scrubbing to polishing will help you in restoring, protecting and maintaining the shine and beauty of the floor with the best floor care system which is effective, efficient and easy to use. Floor Care Co brings you the best and simplified services and products to care for your floor naturally.

Regular tear and wear can reduce the shine of the floor. Luckily, the use of the best product can easily bring back new life to the floor. Floor Care Co products are best suited for all sorts of flooring like marble, concrete, limestone, granite, and others. To ensure the floor shines forever, strict protection against daily damage is integral. Floor care solution by us has the floor protection products that maintain the new look no matter what they encounter.

Why Choose Floor Care Co. Products?

All the floor care solution products are specifically designed to refurbish the porous stone flooring. The high-performance floor polishing products clean your floor “ONLY WITH WATER” and brings noticeable shine. Along with it, products deliver excellent stain and scratch resistance. Designed specifically to accomplish the floor maintenance task so you grab the best polishing pads for the task. Simultaneously clean, scrub and polish floor with Floor Care Cos unique floor polishing formula. All the Bonastre Pads protect and enhances the look and feel of the resilient floors and also improves further scratch resistance. A complete commercial floor polishing system featuring ergonomic and adjustable and easy-to-use pads. Professional use of pads removes floor dirt and marks with just water. All the products keep the floor clean, shiny and maintained by removing layered dirt and scratches. The low or neutral pH of the products won’t cause any damage to the beauty of the floor. Endless benefits to bang on at the destination of Floor Care Co.

Floor Care Co. and Its Benefits:

  • Happy and Satisfied Clients:

Either you are the owner of a property or are responsible to take care of the flooring of the facility, you always look for a company that delivers quality services for your satisfaction. We, the team of Floor Care Co. aims to keep our clients happy and satisfied with our services. Floor Care Co is all about delivering a service that satisfies the demand of clients and makes them a happy client. Thanks to the efficient products of Bonastre that is quite easy to use. Floor Care Co delivers the easiest possible way to keep your floor clean and healthy with just water. Clean and shiny floor without heavy investment.

  • Amazing Result of Services:

Without any doubt, you can choose Floor Care Co for taking care of your floor. Not just the services and products clean the surface but also polishes it. Surely the services are a one-time investment eliminating the frequent care and maintenance of the floor.  Professionally used Bonastre pads deliver a glossy surface with enhanced resistance to dirt and scratches.

  • Healthy Indoors:

These Bonastre pads are trusted floor care solution as it is chemical-free and can fit to all the floor polishing machines easily. Its usage keeps your property healthy and safe as doesn’t leave behind any sort of unpleasant smell. Along with it, products make your floor slip-resistant.