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Granite flooring is beautiful, attractive, and a sturdy material that lasts for a long time. However, that doesn’t state that it is maintenance-free. Over time and under thousands of footfalls, granite floors start to lose their shine and brilliance. Heavy footfalls such as areas near sinks and entrances wear down faster than other regions. If your granite floor starts to seem dingy, then polishing the floor can bring the stone back to life. Granite floors will last longer if you use the right cleaning products. Like acid-based cleanser is not safe for granite. Ammonia and other alkaline solvents too are not adequate for granite floors. As a result, it's best to use Bonastre Pro to get the desired result.

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The Bonastre Pro Pads are also known as diamond polishing pads as they are diamond dust impregnated. How does that help, one may ask! Well, these pads are diamond-impregnated pads that crush through even the hardest, stoned floors to grind away the stains, dirt, and scratches.

Bonastre Pro is the diamond dust pad that renders the best solution to granite floors. When the surface has severe damages such as deep scratches, scratches, and stains, use Bonastre Pro with water to restore its original surface. There are several factors in using these granite diamond pads. These pads assure you that they clean the granite gleamy floor without the risk of damaging it and in a very easy way. Though different pads are used on different processes to complete the polishing process we recommend using the yellow and green pad, the results will surprise you.

These pads are used as per their different Munich Pro attachments. Whether the granite, marble, or limestone floor needs to be grinding first or just honed before polishing depends upon the floor condition altogether. Let’s, have a look at its different disc & its uses.

M0: The Black disc aids in grinding through the tough stoned floor.

M1: The Red disc helps to remove the scratches made by M0 and makes the floor smoother as it goes along.

M2: The Brown disc removes the scratches made by M1 and smoothest the floor even more.

M3: The Yellow disc removes the scratches made by the M2 and starts to reflect the nearby objects.

M4: The Grey disc starts the show Shine at this stage.

The Green Pad: The green pad is used to polish the floor and bring out the final Shine. Granite polishing pads are used vigorously with a standard floor polishing or scrubbing machine and just Water to Polish the Floors.

Working Characteristics Render by Granite Polishing Pads for shiner floor

Bonastre Pro

Eliminates dust -Efflorescence occurs when small dust particles are driven to the surface of unpolished granite by an upward force known as hydrostatic pressure. Efflorescence causes dusting, which drives epoxies off of granite floors, and expensive upkeep may soon eat your profits. Polished granite, on the other hand, eliminates dusting, lowering maintenance expenses compared to unpolished granite. Efflorescence’s on the floor get removed with granite polishing pads. So, with the use of granite polishing pads, one can get rid of efflorescence.
For stain-free floors - Polished granite tightens a granite floor by densifying and sealing the surface, making it thick enough to withstand water, oil, and other

pollutants, preventing them from permeating the surface.

Improved reflectivity & ambient lightning- Polished granite floors improve illumination in facilities because of their reflecting characteristics. Improved ambient lighting lowers energy expenditures, improves safety, and presents your facilities in the best light possible.

Increase the anti-slip resistance - Polished granite, despite its gleaming, does not provide a slick surface. But as compared to conventional granite, the advantages of manually grinding and levelling the floor ultimately, increase the coefficient of friction.

Reduced Maintenance - Polished granite floors don't require much scrubbing to maintain a sanitary environment and a clean appearance. So, to avoid the formation of stains, granite is usually polished to preserve 

its original shine. They also don't require waxing or stripping to maintain their gloss.

Eco-friendly solution-Marble polishing pads get used with water to get a diamond-like shine. So, it’s not only safe for the floor but the environment too. 

Restore the original shine by reducing tear/wear of the floor- Surface tension, delamination, curled cold joints, and other issues can occur as granite ages. Grinding the floor mechanically eliminates the old concrete's top layer, and polishing it strengthens it enhancing its impact and abrasion resistance.

Natural granite is rough so, its irregular texture causes wear & tear over some time. So, it's, vital to polish granite with diamond marble pads to make it smooth out and protects the entire surface from wear.

For the most demanding results.

High-quality diamonds pads will surprise you with their astonishing results. As for restoring and polishing with only water. Bonastre Pro it’s an easy and fast polishing system for marble, travertine, limestone, concrete & terrazzo without the risk of damaging the floor and getting a mirror-like finish. Well, floor care co is the one-stop solution for different floor solutions. For granite, they also render granite polishing powder


Red Disc : To remove scratches
Apply water onto the work area, make 4 passes over the surface, then vaccuum up solution.
Brown Disc: To deep clean surface.
Apply water onto the work area and make 4 passes over the surface, then vaccuum up solution.
Yello Disc: With step 3 floor begin to shine.
Apply water onto the work area and make 3 passes over the surface, then vaccuum up solution. Repeat once more with fresh water.
Green Disc: Super polishing pad to finish.
Apply water onto the work area and make 3 passes over the surface, then vaccuum the solution. Repeat 1 or 2 more times with fresh water.


Where can Bonastre Pro be used?

Recommended to be used with Scrubbers and Buffers with
ideal speed 170- 440 rpm and pad pressure-40kg.

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