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A diamond polishing pads for achieving a quality finish on floors


Bonastre pads are the best floor solution for keeping floors in optimal condition. Unlike other procedures, it is not a time-consuming method, as it's a three-step procedure. These Diamonds pads are used for cleaning, polishing, and shining the floor.

These diamond polishing Pads work with different types of equipment: low-speed polishers, manual polishers, and scrubbers, & all of them help in achieving an incredible shine using only water.

With the invention of these pads, cleaning & polishing floors have become easy. So, one can use these revolutionary diamond polishing pads for honing and polishing different types of stoned floors of any Indian home or office. With the use of the RED, YELLOW & GREEN pads, the floors can get shiny and non-slippery. The diamond dust in them helps to remove the dirty and scratched layer of the floor.

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Bonastre Diamond polishing pads are resin bonded & diamond abrasives that are used for floor buffing & polishing for different floors. Marble, travertine, terrazzo, limestone, polished concrete, resin epoxy, hydraulic mosaic & so on. These diamond pads are popular because of their attributes as they are eco-friendly, give marvelous results in cleaning, anti-slip even in wet & environmentally friendly.

Typically, these diamond polishing pads consist of higher diamond concentration that renders better quality results in floor polishing. You will find that some patterns are suited for yielding matte finish while others are for semi-gloss finish & green ones are used to give a high gloss finish. While polishing floors from these diamond resin pads, it scrubs away all the dust, debris & scratches by making the floor shiny. These pads easily grind down the floor by removing scratches without damaging the floor & without recurring chemicals.

In a nutshell way, it’s the ultimate way to achieve the perfect shine on your floor. These diamond polishing pads are available at an affordable rate. Floor Care co is striving to endow the best solution to their user. So that one doesn’t have to search everywhere while looking for floor care solutions. With the use of these diamond polishing pads, one can achieve the desired result in their floor as these pads are adaptable to any machine. It is suitable for polishing surfaces to increase brightness by gradually giving the perfect finish to the floor. These pads endow everything from rough cleaning to fine polishing. These pads remove scratches by transforming a dull, worn floor into a glossy & brightly polished one.

Marble polishing pad for most demanding result

Improve the quality of your floor with a simpler and easier process to renew, polish, and maintain your floors. Save time and money with Bonastre’s Marble polishing Pads that will help you get the results you want in the most efficient way possible. With only 3-steps you’ll get a super high gloss finish. Fewer steps than other polishing procedures. NO polishing experience is needed! The Bonastre System developed in Europe is the solution for all your stone and concrete floor needs, from restoration to maintenance and everything in between


Step 1 - RED / Matte Finish
Removes micro scratches and light wear: apply water onto the work area and make passes over the surface, 1 minute per 10 sq. ft. (4 to 6 passes*). Rinse and vacuum up the solution.
Step 2 - YELLOW / Semi-Gloss Finish
Apply water onto the work area and make 4 to 6 passes* over the surface, rinse and vacuum up the solution.
Step 3 - GREEN / High Gloss Finish
Last step to achive an exceptional, natural looking, “like a mirror finish” anti-slip.
Use the super polishing pad to finish: apply water onto the work area and make 4 to 6 passes* over the surface, rinse and vacuum up the solution.
On soft stones, it is highly recommended to repeat this step for best results.
*For use with Floor Machines.
For use with Floor Scrubbers make 15 passes* over the surface. The number of passes may vary depending on the equipment and the surface type.

When it comes to marble polishing nothing works better than Marble polishing pads. These pads serve two functions: first, it holds or contains the diamond grit in place for the crystal that grind, shape & polish. Second, the pads need to be progressively worn to expose new unused crystals to the surface. Its working materials are abrasive in nature that making the floor crystal clear. Though the rate of exposure depends on the density. These polishing pads are the epitome of mechanical surfaces, so even novices can also use these pads without the risk of damaging or staining the surface. 

These marble pads are known for their speed, economy & result & ease of use. The best attributes of these marble polishing pads are that they are not affected by the weather. No matter what the weather is hot, cold, or rainy, it always gives amazing results. Another vital aspect of these pads is that they can be used with different types of equipment, which makes the job easier. 

Other than these polishing pads, Floor Care co endows other solutions for marble floors like marble crystallization powderThese powders have their aspect & attributes that make them varied from others. However, marble pads have some specific features that make them most demandable in markets. Like its environment-friendly nature, by seeing the current scenario it's the best as it renders a high-quality shine by using only water. So, this outcasts it from other solutions that are used in cleaning floors.

Floor polishing Pads- Already revolutionizing!!!

Floor Care Co. introduced the Bonastre products in the Indian market and they are already revolutionizing the cleaning industry. With the help of the floor polishing pads, marble, travertine, terrazzo, limestone, polished concrete, etc are used to shine the floor.

 One of the most significant features of these is that they are Cost-efficient. The best thing about these Floor polishing pads is that it does not need any type of waxes, sealer or stripper, only water is required to restore the floor's original shine. The best attribute of these pads is that it can be reused so it's cost-effective in one way. For reuse, wash these pads with hot water & let them dry, so you don’t have to discard these pads after only one use.

 Besides the low cost associated with floor polishing pads, it's best for green cleaning & sustainable facilities. The environmental factors are another reason these pads are becoming popular. As with these pads, no chemicals are used in stripping & finishing while polishing the floor. These polishing pads will be able to maintain floors without requiring expensive machines or even chemicals.


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