Marble Polishing Powder For High Gloss Diamond Reflective Floor

BONASTRE NOVAMARBLE or marble polishing powder is without wax or polymers. This powder crystallizes all the stones, and calcareous marbles, hardening the surface obtaining a very crystal clear, resistant, nonslip, and easily washable shine. NovaMarmol powder cleans, brightens, and revives the colours of marble. You will achieve a high shine, in addition to strengthening the surface giving it long durability obtaining a very durable and resistant to wear.The novamérmol powder is applied using neutral supports, such as white, red, or natural fibre disc that prevents the marble from yellowing because steel wool is not used.

One of the things one needs to understand about this polishing powder is that it is not the only solution. Marble polishing pads is another remarkable solution that has the capability of not only cleaning but adding shine to the marble floor.

The polishing process with this polishing powder is the best singular solution that adds a chemical layer to your marble floor. The goal of employing a polishing powder is to bring people's attention to a glossier surface that has more shine. A polishing powder is a crystallization powder that produces a high shine when applied using buffing equipment. The combination of a dampened powder and the buffing pad on an orbital buffer formed the catalyst for a shine. Depending on the state of your marble's surface, a single polishing run may not be enough to achieve the greatest shine on the first pass. Another thing to remember when it comes to marble cleaning is that the less you use the more. A thick paste of polishing powder will not perform well in a small area, so go for a thin paste that adds a chemical layer to your marble floor. Don’t let the paste dry, use it before it gets dry to get the best shine or gloss.

Protect baseboards, walls and doors and avoid splashing with a suitable polishing machine:

140 rpm or 400 rpm with skirt.

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Marble Crystallization Powder & Their Benefits

The marble crystallization powder when mixed with water changes the chemical composition of the floor. This changed composition is a layer of crystallization that gives the floor a lustrous sheen. Marble floors require more frequent grinding and honing than granite floors because they are more likely to be scratched. The thickness of the floor may be reduced using this grinding and honing method. That is why the crystallization process is so important. The polishing powder gives the floor a gleaming finish.

The next time, the marble floor needs crystallization, use this excellent marble crystallization powder. That way, it adds a solidify layer that enables the virgin layer of the floor to not be affected. All one has to do is add a crystallized powder and use it with the Bonastre pads for maintenance when needed. This way, the marble floor retains the shine, and the density of the same stays more or less the same.

The Aspect Delivers By Marble Polishing Powder

Its increased density- Marble polishing powder, without a doubt, provides the solidity that your marble floor requires. Regardless of how dull your floor is, our powder can brighten it up. Polished marble has a higher density than that of an unpolished marble countertop or flooring. The reason it increases its density is its polishing process that increases the surface's compression strength and hardness. Along with that, it endows a shield that protects the surface against abrasions and collisions or from spills of any harsh chemical. A polished marble surface is also much easier to keep clean and is less likely to discolour.

Improved durability & aesthetic appeal- Marble polishing is said to improve the density of the material. Improved density means the surface is less prone to chipping, fractures, and abrasions, resulting in a gleaming, clean finish that lasts considerably longer. Additionally, Polished marble has some characteristics that make it a popular choice; it has a long-lasting, & gleaming appearance. The gleaming finish makes the surface seem clean at all times, making it an excellent choice for the living room, kitchen, and hallways. Thus, it will take years before you notice any kind of wear & tear on the marble floor.


Easier to get a gloss with marble polishing powder- With a polished marble floor, you won't have to worry about redoing your flooring. A well-polished floor is resistant to tire marks, dust, oil, water, and other pollutants that could discolour a floor. As a result, once the surface has been polished, no more care is required. A polished marble surface is also quite easy to maintain. Cleaning the surface using a dust mop, damp mop, or even an auto scrub neutral cleaner will suffice. To retain the marble's shining and flawless appearance, simple care is all that is necessary.

Polished marble doesn’t encourage bacteria, pest, & fungal growth- Because it repels disease-causing bacteria and vermin, marble polishing is most commonly used in homes, countertops, corridors, and hospitals. As a result, you'll never have to be concerned about germs and fungi in your kitchen, or about having to replace your entire floor due to termite infestation. Because polished marble repels these microorganisms, there is a lower chance of illness for anybody. You will also save a lot of money on floor replacement in the long run.



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