Nova Granite Polishing System - For An Unmatchable Gloss & Shine

Whether it is residential or commercial buildings, granite is one of the most flexible and commonly utilized natural stones. As the granite floor is considered the most durable flooring option. Granite flooring is one of the most resistant stones, despite that, it can be scratched and etched with time. As the dull areas of granite can be hard to restore with a homemade solution. So, to restore your granite floor & its natural beauty and shine use a granite polishing powder.

The second stage of polishing takes place at the fabricator's facility after the granite slab is manufactured for a task. The edges of the countertops, as well as all cuts, must be polished at this point to attain the same degree of gleam as the rest of the countertop. This is usually accomplished with a liquid and powder polishing process, in which inox pads are used to work on the stone surface with water. When this polishing solution meets previously dull and rough edges, they become smooth and shiny.Because it's easy to apply and doesn't require any specialist tools, the polishing powder is frequently used for small repairs. It may be utilized both wet and dry a lot of the time. Light scratches, stains, and etching everything can be treated using polishing powder. This remarkable solution is the best powder to restore the original gloss of marble surfaces. This granite polishing system will outperform all the other methods. As it's easy, efficient & affordable.

A granite polishing system, which is composed of 3 elements: liquid, powder, and a stainless-steel disc. You will achieve a high and resistant mechanical shine.In cases where the granite is badly damaged and we do not get the desired result, Bonastre Pro must first be used to restore the soil. White Liquid Novagranite: Granite surfaces Clear. Novagranite Liquid Black: Dark granite surface gray powder: For all the granites.

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Granite Polishing Powder Is An Excellent Solution For The Restoration Of Granite Floor

The polishing powder and liquid are used to densify the granite floors. When the granite floors are ground, honed, and polished, they lose a layer of stone. These products, when combined and used adequately, increase the hardness of the floor.The right method of using the granite polishing system is in the Ratio of 2:1. Where the liquid is used in 2 parts and the powder in 1 part. The Novagranite liquid comes in White and Black.

Method of using the Novagranite Polishing System:

  • Sprinkle the powder and add the liquid in a 2:1 ratio on the Granite Floor.
  • Massage in the paste with the Inox Pad.
  • Attach the Inox pad with any standard floor scrubbing machine.
  • Make enough passes until you get the desired shine.

The granite polishing system can densify the floors and also add shine. This makes the floor more durable and non-slippery.

Some of the advantages of using granite polishing powder are

  • It renders a natural appearance with a high gloss & shine.
  • Gives a relatively durable finish.
  • It does not need stripping.
  • Use this system with a standard low-speed weighted floor machine.
  • Only use periodically will maintain your floor shine.

The Two Main Reasons For Opting Novagranite Polishing System

This complete system is designed to give quality shine to dirty grimy & dull granite floors. This solution is especially best suited for heavy traffic areas, like hospitals, schools, Caffe offices & so on. Or one can use :


Granite polishing pads to get desired result on granite floor. So, if you are thinking of replacing old unattractive floors, which actually need a professional solution for cleaning & polishing. Then this granite system is the right solution. Let’s look at some of the main benefits of professional floor polishing. Scuff and scratch marks on hard flooring may be rather unsightly. They might be the result of dark-coloured shoes scuffing up the floor, or they could be the result of attempting to clean them without the right equipment. In any case, this powder readily eliminates unattractive blemishes from floors and restores their lustre. This polish solution also guards against additional scuffing and scratches.This professional floor solution may improve a room's overall appearance and feel. Because a polished floor is highly reflecting, it will naturally boost the brightness and lighting of a space.

Convenient & cost-effective- When you consider how much time and work it would take to do your own floor polishing, this granite polishing system is a great value. You don't have to spend money on specialists or waste time looking up tutorials and learning how to do things yourself. As previously said, improper cleaning and polishing of floors pose a considerable risk. As a result, you're avoiding possible expenditures associated with floor damage and the need to repair or replace them.This professional floor polishing solution will provide a quick and easy way to restore your floor to its original condition. This means you won't have to clean up or dispose of anything when the polishing is over, and you won't have to store heavy cleaning equipment anywhere on your property. To achieve the required shine, simply apply this solution.


Packaging And Marking

The discs are individually packaged and marked with their size, color, supplier and product name on the back. Liquid in plastic bottle (1l or 51) Powder in plastic bottles (1, 5 or 25 kg)


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