Tile cleaning products simplified for regular use.

Tile cleaning products simplified for regular use.

Most people lay down ceramic or porcelain tiles in their homes, either in the bathrooms or the kitchen. Either ways, the day-to-day cleaning rituals with the detergent or cleaning liquid or even phenyl can clean the tiles but do they really get the job done right?

Floor Care Co offer a solution to cleaned and polished tiles; the tile cleaning products called the Orbipads by Bonastre System.

One might wonder why to choose a product with a fancy name and just use an old rag to clean the tiles! The answer to that is a question, do you remember the original colour of your tiles?

Why choose the tile polishing pads?

The Orbipads or Orbimops by Bonastre System are made of 100% Pressed Melamine. This means, they clean and polish the tiled floors without damaging them. Once the pad or mop is drenched completely in water, they are ready to roll!

Many floor cleaning or polishing products in the market may clean the upper layer of dirt. The Orbipads or mops remove the inner most dirt by creating a friction between the floor and pad.

The Logic behind the Orbipads:

The Orbipads or mops use the simple logic similar to an eraser which erases the written words of a pencil by creating enough friction between the paper but not so hard as to tear the paper. The same is used by the Orbipads. The pressed melamine eradicates all the dirt, scratches and marks from the tiled floors. With the use of just water, the Orbipads manage to show the real colour of the tiles.

The Orbipads also come in varied sizes and shapes. The round orbi disks can be used with any floor cleaning machine. The orbimops are rectangular shaped and can be attached to a mop stand and done by anyone DIY. The orbisponge are palm sized and can be used to clean the corners, smaller areas or those areas where the machine can not reach.

All of these different types have the same technology and use the same logic to clean and polish the tiled floors and surfaces.

These products are completely eco-friendly and do not damage the floors in any way. They can be used on tiled floors, vinyl sheets, painted surfaces and so on.

Bonastre is the first brand with 3 diverse melamine strengths to cover all of them. For example, if we use Soft Orbipad in a rough and anti-slippery floor, the durability of the pad will be less, so in this case, using a medium or hard pad will last long.

These tile cleaning products have set records in many different places of the trade. Floor Care Co takes pride in their success.

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