Month: May 2023

The use of Diamond polishing pads can transform any stone floor

When it comes to enhancing the beauty of your stone floors, nothing can compare to the remarkable results achieved with diamond polishing pads. Whether you have marble, granite, or any other type of stone flooring, utilizing high-quality polishing pads can make a world of difference. At Floor Care Co, we take pride in offering the […]

The Benefits of Using Bonastre Orbipads for Tile and Concrete Polishing

As a professional cleaning company, we at Floor Care Co understand the importance of having the right tools to get the job done. One of the most important aspects of maintaining clean and polished floors is having the right polishing pads. In recent years, Bonastre Orbipads have become increasingly popular for both tile and concrete polishing pads. In […]

The Environmental Benefits of Using Bonastre Pads

In today’s world, environmental conservation is a top priority for many people. Many industries, including the construction and home improvement industry, have been criticized for their negative impact on the environment. Fortunately, there are products available that can help reduce this impact. One such product is the Bonastre pad, also known as diamond polishing pads, […]