What are the diverse benefits of Bonastre Granite Polishing pads?

If you’re looking for a flooring solution that’s classic and elegant without breaking the bank, Granite is it!

But there’s one thing you probably don’t know about granite: its restoration and cleaning solution. Well, don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Diamond Marble Pads

Granite polishing pads are the most innovative and unique solution to give a clean and better finish to your granite floor. It gives a glossy finish on each and every piece of granite, which makes it stand out from other floors in your home or office. They are easy to install as well so you don’t have to spend hours fixing up your granite in order to get it looking beautiful again.

So, if you want to know more about these Bonastre pads or if you have any queries like why they are needed or what they do? Then this guide is for you!

What is Granite Polishing Pads?

Granite polishing pads are specially designed discs that allow you to remove stains from your granite without damaging it. They come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs perfectly!

They work by applying pressure against the surface of your floor, which causes it to “push back” against itself and push away any dirt or stains on top of them. This process removes all traces of grime without damaging the surface underneath – making it super easy for anyone who uses these pads on their floors every day!

Why they are needed and What these pads can do?

Why they are needed and What these pads can do?

  • For Polishing granite– This polishing pad is the best solution for achieving the desired shine. It is especially suited for high-traffic areas or areas that require frequent cleaning, as it highlights the character of your stone and gives a reflective look. These diamond marble pads will make your floor shine without making it slippery. Our polishing pad is made from a high-quality material that has been tested and is safe to use on all kinds of granite floors.
  • For Honing the Granite– These granite diamond pads are the solution for restoring your natural stone floors. By reflecting polished granite, it gives your floor a matte finish by reflecting light and giving the floor a lasting shine that will dazzle your eyes.
  • For scratch and hard surfaces of granite– This Bonastre pro polishing pad works on a wide variety of surfaces. The highly textured and rough surfaces can be used with a standard scrubbing machine with water for a clean, polished finish.
  • Used on flamed and brushed granite – A granite polishing pad is used to give a much finer and glossier surface. This means that the stone will have a smoother, polished look and feel. The granite polishing pad is also used to remove any dust and marks from the floor.
  • For maintaining shine for a longer period– These diamond marble pads are designed to remove stains and imperfections from the surface of your granite. Designed with a resin formula, it will leave the natural beauty of your stone unchanged. With this pad, you don’t need to worry about any future maintenance work on your granite. Also, it will remain in great condition for a longer period.
  • Good for hypoallergenic people– This polishing pad uses only water for cleaning and sanitizing your granite floors. This convenient product does not cause any allergic reaction on your hypoallergenic skin. It’s safe for professional cleaning and sanitizing.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned guide has helped you to know about its benefits and why you should consider granite polishing pads for your granite floor. However, if you are looking for Bonastre pro Granite diamond pads you can connect with FloorCareCo (83-83-978-716, 98-71-007-991)

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