Marble or Granite use the Diamond Polishing Pads for floor polishing

Marble or Granite use the Diamond Polishing Pads for floor polishing

The floors made of natural stones can at times pose a difficulty in cleaning and polishing. Their hardness level can create the struggle of getting out dirt, stains or scratch marks.

The stoned floors can get dull due to the heavy footfall which causes scratches. These scratches get permanent and do not come off with the normal cleaning regime. Thus, they need the diamond polishing pads by the Bonastre System.

They are so-called due to the diamond dust induced in them. As the old saying goes, ‘only a stone can cut another stone’. Therefore, the diamond dust in these pads be it the Bonastre Pro or Pads allows them to crush through the stone floors. Be it a calcite marble floor or one of the hardest: granite floors.

Why choose the Diamond Pads in the first place?

Floor Care Co deals in quality products that can enhance the beauty of the floors without damaging them. Many Companies from various industries have applauded us on the quality and results of our products.

Having said that here are some benefits of the diamond pads:

·     The Bonastre Pads, Bonastre Pro, Bonastre Duo are round disks that can be attached to any standard floor scrubbing machine. The fact that they use Only Water to bring out a Mirror-shine finish is praiseworthy.

·     No chemicals are used.

·     Non-slippery even if the floors are wet.

·     Eco-friendly and safe to use.

·     Even the in-house cleaning staff can use them (after basic training)

·     Use them Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Travertine, Limestone, Polished Concrete, Resin Epoxy, Epoxy Flooring, and Hydraulic Mosaic.

Many local floor polishing pads or products may offer an ultimate solution to one time cleaning. But do not fall for those hoaxes. No matter how well you polish the floors, they are bound to get dull as soon as there is heavy footfall on it.

The diamond polishing pads can help by the means of Grinding, Honing, and Polishing them to shine. Maintaining the shine can be done by Bonastre Duo Pad. These products do not damage the floors in any manner. As they use only water, there is no chance for any permanent or temporary damage.

Adding these diamond pads to your cleaning equipment and regular polishing schedule can prove to be more beneficial than one can imagine. 

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